Growing Your Business using Email Marketing


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Multiple Streams of Income

work from home

Working From Home – creating an extra income As someone who has started 4 or 5 businesses over the years and had some failures along the way. I found success from 2007 and was fully self employed in property management in my own business while working from my home office, however the idea of having…

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Advertising that Pays

Does your blog generate traffic

Does your website or blog generate traffic? Maybe you have a blog, and publish content regularly but don’t get many visitors. Does that sound familiar? I’m sure it does to a lot of people. What if I told you that you can join a traffic generating  system that is one of the most efficient traffic…

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Winter warmer


 “Hot Ginger Apple Tea” from green juice A few weeks ago I was assisting at a property training event and met a lovely couple who had recently married. Over the three day event as we chatted I learned that we had some common interests apart from property, and that was health and nutrition. The couple…

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Juice of the day my Pale green smoothie


Another nutritious juicy smoothie for you to try Ingredients:- 1 ripe Avocado Half a cucumber One green apple Handful of spinach Preparation:- Cut Avocado in half remove stone slice flesh then squeeze the skin to pop it into the blender. Slice & chop the cucumber Cut the apple remove core and chop Grab a handful…

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Using RSS Graffiti with Facebook

Using Rss Graffitti with Facebook

What is RSS Graffiti? It’s a powerful facebook app service that can automatically publish content from other platforms to your Facebook profile, groups, and pages.   To get started using the app go to your Facebook profile using a regular PC browser (not sure you can install the app via a mobile or tablet device)…

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