Why is he angry at me when he is the one that cheated? 7 Stages To Rebuild Your Relationship.

Forgiveness takes time to heal a heart

7 Stages To Rebuild Your Relationship When you are emotional, tearful, hurt and wounded, lets look at your question “Why is he angry at me when he is the one that cheated?” if you want to rebuild your relationship. A partner’s words of blame are self-serving and selfish. Either he or she is trying to get…

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How did this high ticket affiliate business scale so quickly in 6 years?

A high ticket affiliate business, that operates in thirty seven countries, and it’s offers include :- Training Programmes Live Events Masterminds The company pays out higher commissions than any other affiliate company. If you are interested make sure you watch the entire video to learn how you can apply. If accepted you will have the…

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How to create diet friendly dishes

diet friendly

Diet friendly Dishes A lot of people are concerned about eating healthier. And, a lot of people are put on stricter diets because of personal reasons or as a medical reason such as high blood pressure or cholesterol. This is usually easy to follow if you’ve been doing it a while, but at the same…

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Most Useful WordPress Blog Plugins

WordPress Blog Plugins

 Wordpress Blog Plugins Some of you may not know that I have been using WordPress since 2005. The main reason I started creating websites with WP was to market my Property Lettings Business. I started out in a niche market for Student Lettings in Sunderland. For a while our business was probably the only “Student Lettings”…

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Social Media Marketing Planning part 2

Social Media Marketing

In part 1 of Setting up your Social Media Marketing Plan, I covered building awareness, driving traffic and generating  leads.  In part 2 the focus is building your social media online community and listening to your audience to understand their interests. Building a community Your online community starts with your social media page, when you…

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Setting up your Social Media Marketing Plan part 1

social media plan

Part 1 First thing to do when setting out your Social Media Marketing plan, carry out an audit of your digital presence. Put in place your social media marketing policy. Social Media Marketing Policy   Digital Presence Check your online marketing and sales funnels. do they need improvements to boost results? Does your brand logo, websites…

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